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The Believer's Job Description

Special Guest Shawn Patton helps up focus on the importance of going forth and not holding back on reaching the lost.  The Holy Spirit has the hard part done

The Most Important Message you'll ever hear

Bernard Starts in 2 Samuel 6.  God must be the center of your life.  David had God at the center of his life as the example. Everything in the word of God.  Honor Him in all that you do.  Be Kingdom minded. 

The Believer's Rest part 2

Bernard Really digs deep into the spiritual rest detailed in Hebrews Ch 4

The Believer's Rest part 1

 Enjoying the rest that God has Promised. Bernard Explores Hebrew and 2 Samuel to give insight and how important it is to take time to rejoice and rest. 

Audio Series

Revelation Series Disc 1 "Why do we Study Revelation?" (mp3)


Revelation Series Disc 2 "Here comes the Judge". (mp3)


Tapping into the power we possess

A study in Ephesians and the role of the church and the body.  Tapping into the resources we have available 11-8-15