Wise or a fool which one are you

Bernard, in this first part of the series, goes over the 4 points of the characteristics of a fool and supporting scripture that takes all the guesswork out.   

Setting the Stage

Dan proves with history that it doesn't matter what is happening politically or what is the current trend but, what we believe, as Christians.  

A Snapshot of the Church

Bernard gives a view of the beginning of the Church from the Book of Acts. The sermon is built around 4 points establishing the steps through its creation and growth that God had orchestrated.  

Back to Basics

Dan Talks about the heart of God as revealed in John 17. Our Christian walk includes the passion for the lost as Jesus has.

What are you certain of?

Bernard, give a passionate sermon on the 5 points of why you can take God's love for you to the bank

God and the Butterfly Effect

Pastor Dan relates the complexity and the inability to fully and intimately understand Gods involvement in our lives with examples from Poincare and Hawkins

Shedding the Judgment Blues

Pastor Dan makes the distinction that Sin forgiven by the Savior is not held against us at the Bema seat judgment but we should be careful that we don't grieve the Holy Spirit lest we come onto Heaven without a whole lot that we will be exalted for. 

Audio Series

Revelation Series Disc 1 "Why do we Study Revelation?" (mp3)


Revelation Series Disc 2 "Here comes the Judge". (mp3)


Truth, Test and Trust

Bernard hit the bullseye with this lesson in 1 Kings.

Truth - Bible must Rein Supreme in your life

Test -   All things must be held up to the               word of God

Trust - Everything in your life relies on the              Word of God

15 Seconds

Bernard talks about the aspect of making decisions where 15 seconds is what it takes to make a good or a bad one.  Relating the story of Lot and Abraham and Ruth as the examples 

Instant Forgiveness

Have you wondered how you may live your life free from unnecessary anger and strife by getting forgiveness under control.  Bernard give ten points to review and put into practice

Forgiveness and Depression Vic Newsome

Vic Newsome as a guest speaker,  with years of training and professional counseling establishes the direct and mostly overlooked relationship between the lack of forgiveness and chronic depression. He further offers a step by step process for self realization and healing from depression that gives renewed strength and relationship with our Creator. 

The Believer's Job Description

Special Guest Shawn Patton helps up focus on the importance of going forth and not holding back on reaching the lost.  The Holy Spirit has the hard part done

The Most Important Message you'll ever hear

Bernard Starts in 2 Samuel 6.  God must be the center of your life.  David had God at the center of his life as the example. Everything in the word of God.  Honor Him in all that you do.  Be Kingdom minded. 

The Believer's Rest part 2

Bernard Really digs deep into the spiritual rest detailed in Hebrews Ch 4

The Believer's Rest part 1

 Enjoying the rest that God has Promised. Bernard Explores Hebrew and 2 Samuel to give insight and how important it is to take time to rejoice and rest. 

Tapping into the power we possess

A study in Ephesians and the role of the church and the body.  Tapping into the resources we have available 11-8-15