Transitional Moment

The last chapter of John.  Dan reveals how the apostles dropped the ball, got disoriented and Jesus put them back on track.  

The Return of the King

Pastor Dan preaches in John 20 pulling the meat from the scripture.  He focuses on the specifics about the tomb that many miss. Thomas' response and the unbelief of the Apostles.  The transition from unbelief to Belief wasn't an instantaneous event.  

Triumph out of Tragedy

Dan discusses the tragedy of the loss of our friend Dave Cox. The relativeness of the sacrifice that Jesus made when he hung on the cross.  The opportunity we have with ministering during this difficult time.  

The Dark before the Dawn

Pastor Dan gives us clarity to John 18 where Jesus is taken into custody.  The details of that night are brought to life and the people involved have more to reveal than you'd think. 

In A Nut Shell

Pastor Dan talks John 17 and Jesus' relationship to the Father and with us. We also look at the example of a  treatment center for traumatized children and the science of understanding and interacting with them as a way to understand ourselves and our responses to others.

Where are you going?

Pastor Dan brings the summation/transition of Jesus' ministry on Earth, in Jesus' own words.  Our Apostles had the difficulty of trying to understand without the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus explains His coming. 


Pastor Dan starts in John 15.  Discussing the details of your salvation and whether you can loose it or not.  Also the value of the Vine and about staying connected with God. Abiding in Him.

Let not your hearts be troubled

Pastor Dan Reed richly builds on our heavenly connection as orated by Jesus through John.  This sermon covers our  place and the promise as God has established. This has been a blessing to hear. Enjoy

God's Family

Pastor Dan walks us through John chapters 13 14 15 16 & 17, where Jesus makes the absolute point that we are Family and it isn't of this earth.  That we love and serve one another and not the world. 

our church

A break from John to look at our church and what is scriptural to focus on and the vehicle to obtain that focus by managing our/your/my time

Die to Live

Pastor Dan gives a most meaningful oration of the context of John 12.  Focusing on the most important relationship with God and His Word, forgetting the fluff and self indulgence and committing to worshiping at the feet of Christ and Serving.  The message is strong but so perfect to be heard. 

Believing but NOT Believing

Pastor Dan walks through John 11 and the circumstances that build to the glorification of God via the resurrection of Lazarus. The difficulty is believing that the difficulty surrounding death or other  negative events in the lives of the people in this chapter or ourselves have been allowed for the Glory of God  

Truly, Truly

Pastor Dan continues in John Chapter 10, where Jesus is confronted with the stubborn religious leaders that refuse to listen and understand who they're talking to. 

What, Are you Blind?

Pastor Dan continues in John 9 and points to the Blind man who gained his sight from Jesus by washing the mud from his eyes. This man gains his sight yet the Pharisees remained blind and obstinate. 

And they still didn't believe

Dan walks us through John ch 8, as Jesus made very direct statements about who he is and with authority observing the law of Moses and yet they couldn't handle the truth

The Bread of Life

Dan walks us step by step in John 6.  God reveals so much about our relationship with him through the expectations and understanding of the 5000. 

Do you want to be healed

Dan uses the example in John 5 to show us the mind of Christ and what our typical response is to what is offered.  

The Glorious Core

Dan relays the value of the body and core membership of the church being called to glorify God in all we do and how important the diversity of the body is to the function of the church. 

Are we Not like the Samaritan Woman

Pastor Dan; discussing the attributes of the Holy Spirit uses the account of the Samaritan woman at the well as an example of how we are antagonistic to the truth and of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives