I'm Going Fishin'

 Dan Nails this; Matt 26 covers it. Jesus loves us even if when we struggle to understand his love or follow his lead.  John 21 shows us Christ's compassion even when we abandon him.  This message sets the pace for us all and gives us hope when we are, "out to Lunch" with our calling. 

Hear Your Calling, Follow Your Purpose

 Family feast and Gods Word.  Looking at Luke 14: 25-35.  A very good message on the meaning.  Our Church is focusing on it's directions. Our congregation is stepping up. Hear about it. 

Hope for 2020

 Pastor Dan Inspired; gives us focus and hope in our new year. The focus; Matt 8 about the Centurion and his example of faith.  God's instruction to the Hebrews of the examples of faith.  The hope that obedience brings blessing.  A great message to look forward with.   

Christmas; Truth or Tradition

 Hear about the conditions of the day the Savior was born.  What was the social hierarchy of the ones in the know and the ones not.  What is the truth of the event.  How did God perfectly orchestrate this event.    Find this out in this must hear sermon.. 

Love is everything

Check out this great video This says it all.  The key to perfect existence, in harmony with God and his people.  The greatest being Love.  Understand Christ's love for us in his prayer to the Father in Heaven (John 17).  Learn of the love for one another 1 Cor 12 and 13. Christs Plea to us John 12. Steps to Loving one another Matt. 7. 

Understanding Emotional Maturity

 Emotional Maturity is a part of a healthy church environment.  In fact, it is healthy platform for every interactive environment, i.e, work, home and social, etc. Check out the details in the Sermon by Pastor Dan Reed 

With or Without You

 Pastor Dan uses the example of Israel and it's priests and prophets to help us understand the challenges of today.  God got tired of the false teaching and selfishness of even the leaders of society. This is a very revealing and convicting message for us all.  

Willed, Created and Empowered

Did you ever consider that your salvation was created?  Come explore this and other attributes to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amazing.

How To Interpret Your Bible

Pastor Dan delivers details on his journey to every Sunday sermon and methods that he shares on the way to read and study scripture.  Using proper Hermeneutical study involving the definitions in the original language and social and political aspects of the times in which the scripture was written all have a bearing on the understanding of our Lords intent. Don't miss this one. It will serve you the rest of your life.  

The Way It Works

Pastor Dan discusses the book of Acts and the Holy Spirit's use of languages or tongues to provide understanding during the time of Pentecost.  The scripture is plain about it and discredits the pitfalls of pride that comes from the misunderstanding. Don't miss this..

Guest Speaker Jeff Hicks

Jeff Hicks educates us on the ministries that the Missouri Baptist Children's Home conducts and How to be a part of that Mission. 

Join us and Jeff as we learn about the 133 year old ministry saving children and young adults from destruction to the loving relationships with new families and friends. 11/3/19


Pastor Dan applies a detailed description of the contents of Ephesians 4 :8-16.  The result of putting Christ for first and using the talents you've been given to build up the body and create the Unity. 

The Shield

What does it mean to put on the shield of Faith.  Learn how God used specific visual aids through Paul's Letter to the Ephesians and Corinth. Protection for the heart and mind is the key     102019 

What Makes Life Work

Pastor Dan delivers the value of humility in one's life. Jesus, the perfect example of one who didn't have to be humble, was, as the example.  Gods word supports this everywhere in the Bible. 

Take up Your Cross

Matt Williamson takes us to Matthew 16:24 and discusses the pinnacle idea of following the Christ. Taking up our cross and denying ourselves and how that looks in today's arena.    

Purposeful Living

Pastor Dan explains, through Scripture and personal experience, on how to understand the value of a purposed life and what purposes matter.  Ephesians as example

Pray for Life

Pastor Dan talks about the importance of prayer. Having the right perspective,  balance and properly listening to the people to develop the understanding of theirs and your needs. Praying for God's will in your life will make this possible. 


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