Truly, Truly

Pastor Dan continues in John Chapter 10, where Jesus is confronted with the stubborn religious leaders that refuse to listen and understand who they're talking to. 

What, Are you Blind?

Pastor Dan continues in John 9 and points to the Blind man who gained his sight from Jesus by washing the mud from his eyes. This man gains his sight yet the Pharisees remained blind and obstinate. 

And they still didn't believe

Dan walks us through John ch 8, as Jesus made very direct statements about who he is and with authority observing the law of Moses and yet they couldn't handle the truth

The Bread of Life

Dan walks us step by step in John 6.  God reveals so much about our relationship with him through the expectations and understanding of the 5000. 

Do you want to be healed

Dan uses the example in John 5 to show us the mind of Christ and what our typical response is to what is offered.  

The Glorious Core

Dan relays the value of the body and core membership of the church being called to glorify God in all we do and how important the diversity of the body is to the function of the church. 

Are we Not like the Samaritan Woman

Pastor Dan; discussing the attributes of the Holy Spirit uses the account of the Samaritan woman at the well as an example of how we are antagonistic to the truth and of allowing the Holy Spirit to work in our lives 

Born Again By Dan Reed

Dan explains the balance of  Mind, Soul and Body and the relationship of the Holy Spirit.  God works from the inside out and Satan works from the outside in.  God comes through the spirit affects your soul and heals or changes your Life/ body. Where Satan works on your flesh to change your mind and eventually your soul. 

Jesus make you more Human

Dan talks about the origin of Christ; it's significance, value in the big picture, and overall awesomeness of our Christian existence.

Forgiveness Leads to Life

Dan discusses the importance of forgiveness using the example in Matthew 18 of the debtor and the aspects of Love in 1 Corinthians 13

Setting the Stage

Dan proves with history that it doesn't matter what is happening politically or what is the current trend but, what we believe, as Christians.  

Shedding the Judgment Blues

Pastor Dan makes the distinction that Sin forgiven by the Savior is not held against us at the Bema seat judgment but we should be careful that we don't grieve the Holy Spirit lest we come onto Heaven without a whole lot that we will be exalted for. 

Dan Reed "The Penetant man shall pass"

Pastor Dan Reed discusses the need for a call to reverence and relationship with God. Looking to the new year to become closer to God by the end of the year

God and the Butterfly Effect

Pastor Dan relates the complexity and the inability to fully and intimately understand Gods involvement in our lives with examples from Poincare and Hawkins

Forgiveness and Depression Vic Newsome

Vic Newsome as a guest speaker,  with years of training and professional counseling establishes the direct and mostly overlooked relationship between the lack of forgiveness and chronic depression. He further offers a step by step process for self realization and healing from depression that gives renewed strength and relationship with our Creator. 

The Believer's Job Description

Special Guest Shawn Patton helps up focus on the importance of going forth and not holding back on reaching the lost.  The Holy Spirit has the hard part done

Back to Basics

Dan Talks about the heart of God as revealed in John 17. Our Christian walk includes the passion for the lost as Jesus has.