Healthy Thought for the Church

Romans 12 says it all about how we need a healthy relationship with God which will strengthen and develop a healthy relationship with others in the church.

The Psychology of Spiritual Relationships

Dan discusses the core fundamentals about the mechanisms of interaction when we relate with ourselves and especially with our Lord.  Sprinkling personal experiences with God's word makes for a very informative and enlightening service

God's Got This

Pastor Dan give examples of people who have overcome adversity by trusting in God through the middle of their calamity.  Discussing the values that the book of Ecclesiastes has to offer in that understanding.. Following with Paul and Silas in prison and how they handled their misfortune orchestrated by God for His glory. 

What a Conqueror

Pastor Dan delivers a powerful message on the Maturity of us Christians to beware of Wolves, the brilliance of Napoleon's thoughts  on Jesus and the unity of the Family in the Church.