Misplaced Hope part 2

This sermon follows last week and digs deeper into the last Passover that encapsulates the holiness and values that we should pursue. Understanding the importance to the vertical alignment placing God first and understanding his will. Very powerful words. 

Misplaced Hope

Find out where God stands on Our relationship to him.  His love and grace and spread throughout the old testament and culminates in the New.  Pastor Dan walks us through these highlights to give us a greater picture.  

Family Feast And Baby Dedication Sunday


1. Sophia Grace Jones

2. Jace Austin John Harbour

3. Linaya Faye Henrichson

4. Natalie Ann McPherson

The Noetic Effect

This condition affects us more than you would typically realize. Pastor Dan has been able to relate the condition to how we think and has put together a list of verses that,"Says it All." in regards to the Noetic conumdrum. 

Moving to Center

Redirecting our Church to focus on the core values at the center of this Ministry is the subject Pastor Dan orates. Ephesians 2:19-22  3:20-22, 4:1-4

Rock or Sand

Dan Talks about the Faith of a Centurion as an example to Israel and Us also the Parable of houses on rock or sand where both builders were aware of God's word and chose.  

The Mind of God's Army

We are to be Family in sight of moral decay.  Pastor Dan gives specifics to the breakdown of the family unit in history and the focus of rediscovering what God says.

Building Right Relationships

Pastor Dan focuses on the Christian relationship sighting 1 John 4 as the blueprint for our attention. 

Practice of Communication Part 2

The second half of the mini marriage seminar, Pastor Dan delivers a detailed oration of the right and left brain hemispheres that dictates a lot in the communication Men and Women have and follows with a look at 1 Corinthians 13 being not just for the married but mostly the individual. Brilliantly done

The Practice of Communication Part 1

 Pastor Dan talks about Marriage and the values therein affected by communication and some of the understanding of personalities and where understanding them can give insight into a better relationship 

Worship - A Personal Testimony - Tim Pope

Tim builds from Matthew 22 in verse 37 about the greatest commandment, intertwined with his personal testimony takes a serious look at our focus as a Church.  

Eyes Open No Fear

The Technology of today is moving fast.  Genetic re purposing and genome manipulation to develop the perfect human;  is it wise, is it really that bad or is it a problem that we've delt with before.  Pastor Dan brings these items into discussion and the biblical approach to understanding. 

Days of Hope Mission Field

Chaplain Skyler Martin explains the ministry of Days of Hope through the focus of John 1:14.  The mountain of truth revealed within that one verse and the vision of Jesus we should etch into our thinking. 

It's not about the Money

Whats more important than giving money? Investing in relationships to evangelize and support your Church.  As Pastor Dan Said,"If it is not universally true for everyone on the planet, it doesn't fit into God's word. This sermon gives a passionate and personal look at what God is trying to convey on service.

Samaritize Your Life

Family Feast is a great place to get the word after filling up on some great food. Pastor Dan used the example Jesus used to explain to the Lawyer about what being a neighbor means.  Gripping and revealing in our walk with God.  

The Elements of Christian Service

Saul O'Dell preaches at Grace Bible Fellowship on the correct understanding of the condition we all are in, coming into the ministry and not to get hung up on the details or the balance sheet but simply get involved. We all have sinned and fallen short but, Grace abounds. 

Music with a Message

Bucky Heard along with Grace Bible Fellowship, the Band and Pastor Dan Reed make a musical and detailed telling of the birth of the King. 

Thank you for all the participants in the Gift of Hope Coat, glove and hat drive for school children. The barrels were overflowing.

God VS Goliath

As David was empowered by God to defeat the Philistine, so then our lives sacrificed for the living God will prevail against Fear and Doubt

Healthy Thought for the Church

Romans 12 says it all about how we need a healthy relationship with God which will strengthen and develop a healthy relationship with others in the church.