Transformed In Christ

Pastor Dan Reed delivers a powerful idea of the balance in relationships as it is for Men and Women in  marriage or with other people in church even out in the world. Understanding the vertical alignment in our associations is key to a happy life. 


Guest speaker Rex Schaffner explains his work as a Missionary and his involvement with the organization ETHNOS 360.  This group is dedicated to preaching the gospel to the remote tribes of the world and converting the bible into their language.  


 What Committing does in one's life, is the topic. God's word is a plea to commit to the kingdom and to Christ Jesus.  Pastor Dan brings examples and scripture in Collosians  showing the need for us to commit ourselves to the kingdom of God. 

Truth VS Hypocrisy

Pastor Dan walks us through Colossians chapter 2 discussing the snares of the religionists of the day leading people from truth with works based salvation or legalism. Followed by Jesus' specific remarks in Matthew 23. 

Hopelessness VS Hope

How do you handle tragedy? Do you Look to God as the author and rejoice.  That's tough to do.  Pastor Dan explores the scripture revealing what Jesus and Paul said about handling the trials in our lives. 

The Lion's Den

Our society has been making a shift away from Character and Virtue for Self Identity via materialism for several generations.  Pastor Dan identifies these elements we live with and how they affect our idea of God and our relationships with others.  We have allowed ourselves to get caught up which has thwarted our steps in self sacrifice for the good of the body of Christ and ultimately a Godly Character. 

And The 11 Depart

Jesus sent the apostles to the lost sheep of Israel and then later, being given the great commission, to the rest of the gentile nations. Jesus' authority was absolute as told in Matthew 28 17-20.  Check out the relevance of this Journey to us today. 

The Creed Conundrum

What do you think God has to say about some of the Christian Churches that preach his word.  Many times without understanding the content in the bible, items can be taken out of context and taught bringing about disunity in the body.  Pastor Dan shows how scripture dispels some of the mainline beliefs that plague the body of Believers 

Serving or Self-Serving

Who are you, when you're at church, out in public or Driving around?  Pastor Dan points out God's perspective on our daily disposition. It is revealing

What is True Then Is True Now

Have you ever thought that life in the old testament is so far removed from our reality that it has no bearing on our lives today?  Not only is that an incorrect way to look at the relationship but, you'll be very surprised of how relevant the political and social elements we contend with are identical to the times of Jeremiah.

Pastor Dan delivers a powerful Sermon with examples in scripture that will surprise you  

What God Wants from us

Ever wonder what God wants from us?  We can tell you all day long what we would like from God but, knowing Gods desires would be helpful in developing a relationship with him which would affect our needs. Check out how Pastor Dan answers these questions.  

News for the Dying

A message for the everyone,  establishing the scriptural connections bringing us to the millennial time of the intended kingdom of God. The statements that Jesus was very specific about, many theologians get mixed up, propagating a  false view of God's plan. 

Faith in Unity

Pastor Dan continues on the matter of our relationship to God. Looking at Luke 10 we see faith in action as Jesus sends out the 72 into the field to prep the hearts of the people of the coming of the kingdom. 

Gods Purpose for You

Pastor Dan makes it easy to understand why we all get off course with our religious beliefs and our misunderstanding of the bible but, it's really all there. Check out this sermon and get the understanding to make the right decisions.   

The Potter's Clay

So it's time to look inward, each of us and determine where we are is allegiance with God.  We may think that being an American can only mean that we have the foot in to Heaven. Pastor Dan takes a God inspired hard look at the idea that just being in a country, once blessed by God doesn't make you a member of His Kingdom.  

Knowing him

Do you understand truly how much God loves you.  He tells you and demonstrates it all the time.  However we don't think that the trials that come our way is that sign.  Our first thought is that we have to solve the issue but, God really wants us to better ourselves. Pastor Dan really gives examples of the evidences in God's word. Knowing God is the key.  Don't miss this one

Grace Alone

Happy Mothers Day!

What is the truth of the Gospel? Is there a long list items we need to perform in order to be Saved?  Heavens no, Pastor Dan focuses on Paul in Rome and Galatia and how God used these happenings to convey the truth about how we are to view and understand his Grace and how that is the only element that we have that is God given and no amount of our activity can change that. 

The Artist

Have you ever though about God as an artist?  The goal of todays sermon, along with Family Feast was to show God as the ultimate creator with slides of his amazing creation and sermon pointing us to look forward to God's plan of the recreation of the Universe where we will understand and experience it as He intended.  

The Elusiveness of Pride

Pastor Dan identifies pride and exposes where it lives from the pulpit to the very thoughts in our heads.  This revealing and passionate sermon digs deep into our daily lives on every front and gives us direction on the steps to understanding God's position.